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Now whether that's taking a 3-month vacation each year while your business runs on autopilot or it's reducing your workweek to 3 days so you can spend more time with your family the truth is you deserve to do just that. It's time you took charge of your life and business and operated from a place of abundance & worthiness. The world is waiting for you to show up fully but unfortunately you're still doing all the busy work in your business, afraid to relinquish control, trust your team, and ultimately hindering yourself from scaling your business. 

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It's inevitable! Building a team will be necessary to experience your next. Needing to hire is a sign of growth, however failing to hire strategically can stunt your growth and potentially sink your company. I teach my students and clients who, when and how to hire for higher profit. 

How to Hire for Higher Profit + ROI

How to Lead an Inclusive and Autonomous Team!

You've hired your dream team! Now what? Creating a thriving and inclusive environment is essential. With my programs I teach you not only how to attract a team of leaders but how you can lead effectively while creating exceptional leaders. 

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How to Operate + Lead as a Bonafide CEO

Bonafide is to be true in all forms. Each of my programs are designed with you the CEO in mind. I understand that in order for your team to trust you there are 3 core things that must happen. 
Trust, Clarity, and Autonomy. 

Delegation Nation™

Delegation Nation is a six-month mastermind that provides high-level CEOs the support, community and next level access to experts, mentorship and more. In this program you'll learn how to delegate with authority, sales strategies to scale, leadership essentials and how to position your business for optimal success. 


A 12-Week Accelerator for Women CEOs who desire to delegate with ease, eliminate grind culture, and build a streamlined six and seven figure business. In this program, you'll learn how to run your business as a Bonafide CEO 

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Positioned For Profit

Positioned for Profit is a self-paced course that helps you get prepared to make your first hire and to go from operating as a solopreneur to getting A.H.E.A.D. in your business. 

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My strategy session with Ahfeeyah was so incredible! As I grow my business and head towards building a team she truly has opened up my eyes to how a true CEO should think and how to avoid spreading myself too thin. I cannot wait for our next session!


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Yes, It Really Works

"If you're on the fence, and don't know what your next level hire should be, you need to book a call with Ahfeeyah."

When I showed up for our strategy call I knew Ahfeeyah was going to help me look at hiring within my company and scaling as it relates to my organizational structure but I had no idea, I would be blown away like that. In just one session I received so much value and a deeper understanding of who my next hires need to be for my company to scale to seven figures this year. She knows her stuff!


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How to Hire the Right Team in Q2

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